Audio Visual Hire

Supplying tailored audio and visual solutions for your event is what ShowPro specialises in. What does this mean? Take for instance a company awards night that you’ve been asked to organise. Once you’ve decided on a venue you’ll need to think about and arrange a lot of details. Consider the following for starters;

  • Theme for the night and for the room. A night at the Oscars? Safari? Black and White? Cocktail, Casino, the options are massive.
  • Catering. Who can you go to for advice?
  • A detailed run sheet. Who will speak, when will they speak and where will they stand.
  • On-the-night direction. Who will direct and control the night to ensure it flows properly and last-minute changes are managed?
  • Can the presenters be seen? Is a stage required? Lecterns? Lighting?
  • Getting the message across visually- will there be projector screen(s) with high quality projectors synchronised together?
  • Managing the visuals- when the award category and winner has been announced, is the next slide a blank Windows desktop, or is there a Technical Operator managing the video switching to ensure your company branding is seamlessly displayed? Can multimedia be projected and managed?
  • Quality audio. Can each announcer be heard? Are the appropriate music beds being played at the right moments and correct volumes?
  • Is there a Q&A session? Will there be a wireless radio microphone available so the audience question can be heard up on the stage?
  • Do the presenters need a visual foldback (small monitor in front of them showing exactly what’s on the screen behind them in real time).
  • Do you have a professional Master of Ceremonies to be your entertaining core presenter?
  • Will you need help with the scripts?
  • After the meal and awards are completed, will there be dancing? Do you require a DJ or a band?

There are literally dozens more questions that need to be factored in, but this is a good starting point. ShowPro is uniquely positioned to help with all of these and will help make your event memorable, polished and as stress-free and smooth-running as possible. Contact ShowPro today!