Recently ShowPro was contacted at short notice to provide sound for a Wellington Primary School’s Christmas Concert. The venue for their production was a large college hall in central city and the previous year’s concert was fraught with audio problems and inaudibility. I was determined not to let this happen again. The specifications were fairly broad, and ShowPro supplied the following equipment for the estimated 100+ performers and 500 audience:

  • 5 Wireless Headset (Madonna) Microphones
  • 3 Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • 1 Wireless Lapel (Lavalier) Microphone
  • 2 Wired Microphones
  • 5 Microphone Stands
  • 32 Band Graphic Equaliser
  • Mixing Desk
  • 2 Bose L1 Model 1 PA Systems
  • 2 Bose B2 Bass Modules

The concert went hugely better by all reports, but improvements can still be made. For next year I’ll be recommending adding a pair of Bose L1 Compacts halfway back the hall for additional delayed sound reinforcement at the very back of the hall, a larger mixing desk and a frame for the tech drape to hide all of the rear of the AV system from view. Jonathan the sound technician from the college did a sterling job and accolades truly go to him for is work on the day. Here are some pictures of this successful ShowPro-assisted event.