Last night the Hutt City Chamber of Commerce had a networking event at their offices. The guest presenter was former Telecom NZ CEO Theresa Gattung. With an estimated 100 people turning up for what was certain to be a talk worth hearing, there was no way that the people at the back of the room would have heard clearly in the room. ShowPro supplied a Bose L1 line array speaker system and a Shure SM58 radio mic on a stand to solve this problem. The result was that every word was heard clearly by every attendee, it wasn’t loud for those closest to the speaker system and there were no cables making a mess or a tripping hazard on the floor.

A clean, elegant and above all else, highly effective solution to a problem that had been identified at other well-populated events in this room. Are you looking for a venue to hold your meeting? Check out your local Chamber of Commerce first, but if they don’t have what you’re looking for, try

ShowPro provides Bose sound system and wireless microphone

Theresa Gattung speaks at the Hutt Chamber of Commerce networking event.