Radio microphone changes in New Zealand

Radio microphone frequencies will be changing on 11 March 2015.

Shure-upgradeFrom 11 March 2015, radio microphones (and other wireless audio devices such as in-earpieces) will no longer be permitted to operate in the 698-806 MHz frequency range (the 700 MHz band).

Do you own or operate a radio microphone? The information that you need, to understand what frequency range your radio microphone is currently operating within and what frequency range a radio microphone needs to be operating within in the future, can be found here. Background information explaining why the changes are taking place and the steps that you need to take to prepare for the changes can be found here on the Radio Spectrum Management website.

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Radio microphone systems above 694 MHz will not be able to used beyond 2015 or possibly earlier, and most radio mics sold and used in New Zealand over the last 10-15 years are in that band.

According to Wireless Users New Zealand (WUNZ), it’s uncertain that the proposed frequencies will be viable. Our likely frequency allocation may not be viable because of the number of digital TV stations being proposed. Current DTV allocations won’t allow for even multi-channel radio mic’s to be used throughout the country. Click here to see one proposed outcome once analogue TV is switched off.

If you continue to use your radio microphone on a non-permitted frequency after 11 March 2015 then compliance action may be taken against you, and it is very likely that your wireless system will simply cease to function, as the digital TV broadcasts are powerful, and they fill a large block of the spectrum unlike analogue broadcast.

From 11 March 2015 radio microphones must operate within the frequency ranges, 502-606 MHz and 622-698 MHz.


As mentioned, ShowPro is able to offer a trade-in deal. If trading in or retuning your device is not possible, radio microphones can be recycled. There are a number of e-cyclers located throughout New Zealand, click on the links below, or speak to your local council, to find an e-cycle site near you: (Auckland) (NZ wide) (Wellington) (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) (Wellington) (Auckland)